A wine logistics company equipped with tools to ensure full traceability of your products at all stages of logistics processes. SICSOE responds and adapts to all your requirements and those of your customers, supported by flexible teams and tools for optimizing the performance.

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SICSOE is also a rigorous logistics provider: reception and storage of wines are in a secure environment, strengthened by the Data Matrix technology. Each wine has its own transport: it is the key service for traders and producers.


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Million bottles in storage capacity
Technology Data matrix
15 000
order processed
storage places
temperature 15°C
humidity 65%


Responsiveness, flexibility and advice: the SICSOE bottling division offers bottling solutions to all the problems of traders and producers.

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A solution for every request: each wine has its own life in the winery and SICSOE laboratory for optimal traceability from its arrival until its departure to bottling.

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