Winery services

“A solution for every request, and if there is no solution, we have an alternative proposal”. Each wine has its own life in the SICSOE winery and laboratory for optimal traceability from its arrival to its departure to bottling.

Winery services

Provider of wine services, SICSOE has a stainless steel winery equipped with a permanent inerting system with nitrogen to prevent oxidation of the wine and regulated to 18 °C in all seasons.


Wherever it comes from and however long it will stays there, every wine sent to the winery has its own personalized system based on the expectations and demands of the producer or trader.

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storage in figures 600 tanks washes per year
150000 hectoliters destined for our bottling lines
771000 hectoliters worked
tanks for a storage capacity of 42000 hectoliters
15000to20000 hectoliters processed each week