A wine logistics provider located near Bordeaux, SICSOE offers storage solutions tailored to the needs of producers and traders. Reception, storage, vault, preparation and shipping are provided by our teams and rely on technologies for control and quality.

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  • Storage

Material storage

Each request / need corresponds to one or more storage solutions:

  • Mass storage: 6,000 m2 (sq m) of warehouse space
  • Rack storage: 6,000 m2 (sq m) of warehouse space
  • Drawn-blocked storage: 4,000 m2 (sq m) of warehouse space


The logistics department has a team dedicated to continuous, permanent and annual inventories to ensure the reliability of your stocks.

SICSOE offers the possibility of storing your wines and spirits under different tax regimes such as the RFSE (Régime Fiscal Suspensif à l’Exportation) or the customs warehouse.

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Million bottles in storage capacity
Technology Data matrix
15 000
order processed
storage places
temperature 15°C
humidity 65%