The SICSOE winery division not only provides traders and producers with storage solutions tailored to their individual volumes, but also the possibility of ageing the wine and all the work prior to bottling.

  • Storage
  • Storage


Volume of our tanks: 70 to 1,100 hectoliters.

During storage, the Sicsoe laboratory controls the wine.



The possibilities of various ageing techniques for your wine range from storage to ageing on woodchips with or without micro-oxygenation.

The winery services also include bespoke wine collage after consultation with the customer (trials, recommendations, panels) until their final choice.


Preparation for bottling

The winery does all the wine-related work prior to bottling according to the instructions, desires and needs of merchants or estates.

  • Assembly
  • Flow filtration
  • Cold treatment
  • Carbonation / decarbonation
  • … And others on request

The role of the winery team is to recommend the best solutions for each client and provide the best treatments and storage of their wine.

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storage in figures 600 tanks washes per year
150000 hectoliters destined for our bottling lines
771000 hectoliters worked
tanks for a storage capacity of 42000 hectoliters
15000to20000 hectoliters processed each week