October 25, 2016

A mobile CIP to save water

Among the concrete applications of the environmental approach certified by the ISO 14001, the management of water and effluents is at the heart of the winery.

A mobile CIP to save water A mobile CIP to save water

To save water resources and control the disinfection and descaling of the wine equipment, the use of a mobile Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) is a solution to the service for both controlled hygiene and customer satisfaction.

Since the spring of 2015, and in view of the ISO 14001 certification, the winery exclusively uses the CIP for quantified and tangible results. The programming of products adapted to the degree of soiling has made it possible to eliminate the risks of burns and accidents, to save considerable time in the cleaning of the tanks – systematically before each new content – but also to control the quantities of alkaline and acidic cleaning products and finally, to reduce water consumption.