Bertrand Ravache, new SICSOE shareholder

August 10, 2016

Since spring 2016, the Bertrand Ravache group has been a shareholder in Siscoe Wine Logistics Solution. The Bordeaux wine merchant has taken a 20% stake. An investment that combines “boldness and excellence” for the group which has acquired the remaining shares of Maison Malet Roquefort, which has now become Maison Bertrand Ravache.

Bertrand Ravache, new SICSOE shareholder

Bertrand Ravache, attracted by the competitiveness of Sicsoe

For 30 years, the company Sicsoe has been offering its customers quality wine logistic solutions through four business segments (wine-winery, bottling, logistics and sales platform).

With its 22,000 m2 surface near Bordeaux, Sicsoe has invested heavily in manpower and tools for the past seven years.

This desire for growth was particularly evident with the establishment of, since April 2016, a new high performance packaging line.

As of now, it allows Sicsoe to have a capacity of 40 million bottles per year, while respecting the different specifications of its customers.

It is this Sicsoe Wine Logistics Solution strike force that attracted the Bertrand Ravache group.

Bertrand Ravache entrusts Sicsoe with its packaging

Now, the Bertrand Ravache group will get Sicsoe to package its 5 million bottles produced annually. It is the case, notably, of the house’s two historical brands: Léo de la Gaffelière (retail) and Les Hauts de la Gaffelière (restaurants), both associated with several AOC.

In addition, Bertrand Ravache complement the offer for large series, with the arrival of 100 to 120,000 bottles for supermarkets.

Long committed to a policy of quality, Sicsoe Wine Logistic Solutions also ensures Bertrand Ravache, as all customers, a packaging covered by numerous certifications: IFS, BRC, Organic Ecocert, ISO 9001 and soon ISO 14001, as recognized quality labels, both nationally and internationally.

For 30 years, Sicsoe has had the trust of its partners and customers, by constantly improving its service with an efficient and suitable tool.