ISO 14001: first certified wine supplier, why?

October 25, 2016

The ISO 14001 standard started in 1996, a first standard on environmental management.

ISO 14001: first certified wine supplier, why?

A recognized and proven tool for establishing and developing systematic environmental management, it provides a framework for identifying, assessing and controlling key ecological aspects.

It enables us to improve ourselves in preventing pollution and respecting the environment by sorting waste, implementing emergency measures and monitoring our energies.

SICSOE joined the CMS process by becoming a member of the CIVB in 2015, after one year to deploy the requirements, the certification audit in June 2016 was successfully completed: SICSOE has been ISO 14001 certified since July 2016.

The recognition of this international standard that validates good environmental practices is part of our continuous improvement approach and allows us to continue to control and improve our performance and environmental risks collectively and within each department.