Line cleaning: closed-circuit and cleanliness?

October 25, 2016

Because water is the main “raw material” on the production and packaging lines, as well as in the winery, its use must also be controlled in terms of hygiene and quality.

Line cleaning: closed-circuit and cleanliness?

As part of the ISO 14001 certification and since February 2016, a static CIP is installed at SICSOE to optimize the sanitation and sterilization of packaging lines: via the filter pallet, water is automatically managed and controlled for reuse in optimum cleanliness in the closed-circuit context.

A water saving system that contributes to the preservation of the resource while meeting the requirements for the cleaning quality of the drawers and all the circuits that the wine goes through throughout the bottling process.

And clean outside

The STEP (sewage treatment plant) retreats production water with optimum efficiency: the plant receives an average of 40 m3 / d with a water laden on an average with 7000 mg / L in COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand).

In terms of releases, the law imposes a discharge into the natural environment with a maximum of 300 mg / L COD: thanks to the plant, the water discharged from SICSOE comes out with an average of 80 mg / L in COD.