Dry material : SICSOE offers solutions

November 8, 2017

With its slogan “Wine Logistics Solution“, SICSOE meets all your needs. Beyond bottling, the company offers you advise on buying dry materials from its suppliers. By identifying your needs, SICSOE commits to providing you with quality service and to inform you about market trends. Jonathan, Purchasing Manager, explains why you have everything to gain !

Dry material : SICSOE offers solutions


  • Achieve economies of scale

Rather than buying a small number of bottles or cartons yourself, you could let us order in larger quantities and lower your costs.


  • “Our strength as a buying platform is to be able to offer our customers to pool volumes with suppliers


  • Focus on your core business

SICSOE Wine Logistics Solution has the necessary equipment and suppliers to handle the purchase of bottles, capsules and other cartons.


  • “You can let us manage the dry material and have a purely commercial aspect on your side, you focus on selling wine”.


  • Benefit from quality advice

SICSOE regularly meets its suppliers and customers. We can therefore offer solutions for dry materials that perfectly meet your needs. Thanks to our monitoring, we also advise you on how the markets are evolving.


  • We support our customers in optimizing costs and ranges. For example, they can be informed that glassmakers tend to reduce glass weight. This can be an important parameter in markets where they are asked to lower the weight of packaging to reduce carbon footprint“.


  • Work with certified suppliers

With the IFS and BRC certifications, SICSOE follows strict rules for referencing, monitoring and evaluation of its suppliers. In particular, the technical, commercial and environmental criteria. In addition to a follow-up throughout the year, an audit is carried out every three years at the supplier’s premises.


  • Our customers benefit from the security of this process. Today, the entire supply chain is certified “.


  • Guaranteed quality at no additional cost

By working with known suppliers, SICSOE guarantees its customers the quality of the products and their technical compatibility with its installations.


  • If a customer buys materials directly from their supplier and causes production downtime, it costs us. We pass it on to our customer. If it is a material that we have bought, we take full responsibility for it“.


  • Make personalized markings

Thanks to its new chain, SICSOE customizes the dry materials directly on site. This offer is particularly interesting for customers with small series whose terms change regularly.


  • We can make variable markings on our production lines. This allows our customers to buy larger sets of standardized cartons and have them marked here at lower prices“.



You manage dry materials and you want to consult SICSOE and for a personalized solution? Contact our purchasing officer Jonathan. His motto is to “determine what people really need to find the right provider that will offer the best compromise“.