Quality and environment: why the SICSOE certifications?

April 4, 2017

On the high-performance Cénac site, SICSOE applies recognized standards for an exemplary service quality and environmental considerations. A long established and developed approach to anticipate or meet the requirements of our national and international clients.

Quality and environment: why the SICSOE certifications?

SICSOE and core standards

SICSOE Wine Logistics Solution has been certified ISO 9001 since 2007, a way to demonstrate our ability to provide a service that complies with the regulations and the requirements of our customers. Through this certification, we are also engaged in a continuous improvement process.

In addition, between 2007 and 2008, the company took steps to receive the British Retail Consortium (BRC) certification followed by the International Featured Standard (IFS) in 2010.
These two internationally recognized standards are based on the food safety of products and services.
Thanks to these standards, issued by the French, English, German and Italian distributors, SICSOE is able to respond perfectly to the demands of large distributors.

SICSOE and the specific standards

SICSOE meets the needs of customers who have all or part of their production under the Label Agriculture Biologique (Organic farming). Since 2010, we have been responsible for ensuring the optimal conditions for vatting, bottling and shipping, both in terms of customs and traceability.
On our site, the AB-identified wines are subjected to special scrutiny in order to guarantee the validity of Label AB.

To continue and further improve this global approach, our laboratory will soon have its own COFRAC accreditation. This will certify that the analytical methods implemented at SICSOE are reliable and reproducible.

The environment at the heart of SICSOE’s concerns

Through the implementation of the ISO 14001 certification, obtained in 2016, the environmental quality processes are carefully supervised and secured.
This certification guarantees the reduction of SICSOE practices’ impact on the environment. This approach was already under way, as since 2012 the wastewater has been treated in our treatment plant.

Internal and unannounced controls

SICSOE is audited nearly 10 times a year. To go further in the transparency of practices, SICSOE will be subjected to unannounced checks of its certifications and processes at the request of the company from 2018 onwards.