Sicsoe Wine Logistic Solution, a future written as a team

October 11, 2016
Sicsoe Wine Logistic Solution, a future written as a team

Trust and Respect

My own shareholders believed in me, just as I believe in my collaborators.” David Vidal based his working relationships on two principles: commitment and transparency.

This former rugby player is among those who want to be a link between the decisions made at the highest level of the company and the operational teams.

Confidentiality to all our partners, customers, suppliers and shareholders is a major asset of this company“, highlights David Vidal.

Internally, he insists on dispensing the values of listening, respect and pedagogy within his company. “I take time to listen to them all and to take into account each person’s problems. Recognition of the teams’ work, the involvement and the evaluation of the results are at the heart of our activity“.

Values transposed ​​in the relationship with customers and suppliers.

Solidarity and performance

At Sicsoe Wine Logistics Solution, solidarity is at the service of productivity, quality of service and economic efficiency.

To promote team spirit, David Vidal wishes to support the shared moments and times of exchanges between collaborators: a will that not only translates into a structured approach to continuous improvement, but also the organization of convivial moments, sports meetings or shared meals, supported by the development of an internal communication.

Particularly based on the values ​​of performance and solidarity, Sicsoe has grown from a capacity of 10 million bottles a year in 2007 to 40 million bottles today.

The adage displayed on the walls of Sicsoe perfectly conveys this spirit: “Alone we go fast, together we go further“.